Just back from Guatemala after three years of tending bar on Lake Atitlan, part-time shaman and New Age dick Natty Dredd Bumpo returns to Traverse City, Michigan, where he finds himself plunged head-first into solving the murder of millionaire eco-warrior Timothy Bottom.
Complicating matters, a Russian femme fatale, a mysterious skull, a roving militia and a grumpy gator add to the mayhem that could get Bumpo killed, or worse. 
   Sometimes the cosmic pancake falls sweet side up and sometimes it's syrup side down. Which way will it flip for Northern Michigan's grungiest detective?

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EASY READER: "Bicycle Hobo," a thriller of revenge on the road. It's "Moby Dick" and "Don Quixote" re-imagined as a lone cyclist spends three years on a 90,000-mile quest to avenge the death of his wife.
Coming 2020:
Sandy Bottom

My award winning novel of the Ojibwe - set 400 years ago.
- 1st Prize 2014 Grand Rapids ArtPrize for the first chapter
- Gold medal: Best Regional Fiction, Great Lakes, from Independent  Publisher magazine
- Honorable Mention: Best Fiction, from Foreword Review

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