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Coming 2018: Bicycle Hobo

 Bicycle Hobo revisits the story of Moby-Dick in a novel of vengeance and retribution set in the underside of modern America.
At 4:00 a.m. on a summer night a man known only as Jake awakens to find the backup lights of a motor home coming on fast toward the tent where he and his wife are sleeping during a bicycle tour of the South.
Eight days later, he awakens from a coma to find that his wife has been crushed to death beneath the wheels of the phantom RV. Jake spends months trying to track the killer down through the efforts of the law, social media and a private investigator, all to no end. Driven to the crossroads of madness by his wife’s death, Jake receives what he believes is a divine clue; he quits his job to cycle the highways of America, following the wind in the hope that somehow his path will cross the killer on the road. Along the way he encounters an assortment of misfits and dreamers, a showdown with a psychopathic motorist, and a battle for his own soul.

Planet Backpacker:
Have you ever dreamed of circling the earth? Take a ride across Europe on a mountain bike and backpack on through Egypt, India and Southeast Asia in this account of a solo trip around the world.

Travels With My Wife
"Someday we'll see the world together" is the dream of countless couples. But what if you actually took the dare? An account of seven months backpacking around the world with tips on how to plan your own getaway.

Biking Northern Michigan
"The Best & Safest Routes in the Lower Peninsula," this bestselling cycle guide includes more than 40 routes and 1,400 miles of the Great Lakes state, packed with humor, history and info on dining and must-see sights.

Windigo Moon
This novel of the Ojibwe takes you 400 years into the past as two rivals battle for a woman's love during a time of myth, warfare and devastating plagues. With extensive historical research into Native America.