Windigo Moon

  ... two lovers fought to save their clan from the perilous events of the 16th century, an apocalyptic time for Native people.
   It was a time that historians have called the "Lost Century"  of the 1500s when Native peoples were hit by devastating plagues introduced by “shadow men” from across the sea.

  This is the story of the Anishinaabek, the “True People” of the Ojibwe of the Upper Great Lakes, with extensive research into their way of life, myths, battles and supernatural beings.

Four hundred years ago...

Ashagi: following the massacre of her village, a young Ojibwe woman takes the name Blue Heron in honor of her lost clan. Her odyssey takes her from the north shore of Lake Superior to a new land beneath the Sleeping Bear dunes.

Miskomakwa: the reluctant son of a harsh war chief, Red Bear is chosen by fate to lead his people to safety and a new land.

Nika: the jealous rival of Miskomakwa, Lone Goose descends into madness and a murderous quest.

The Old Man, Animi-ma'lingan: shaman, trader, spy. The clubfoot known as He Who Outruns the Wolves roams across Native America as the eyes and ears of the Ojibwe Society of Shamans, sharing stories of heroes, monsters and things that only the spirits know.

With settings that include the present-day Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, Wisconsin and far beyond, Windigo Moon offers a glimpse into the life of Native America during the "Lost Century" of the 1500s.

From Blank Slate Press/Amphorae Publishing